18th February 2017No Comments

The Hollywood Reporter

I was recently commissioned to create 7 portrait illustrations and 1 group illustration for The Hollywood Reporter Magazine to accompany their animation roundtable article.

Using painterly textures is something I have done a fair bit in the past with various sports illustration projects, and generally the original athlete photo's already have alot of energy to them. This challenge was interesting as I had to create energy from what were very static portrait photo's. The addition of illustrative nature elements really helped tie it into the theme and the original forest backdrop. I had a blast on these as it was something a little different to the usual painterly sports illustration i've done in the past.

You can check out the whole project over here.


31st October 2016No Comments

New work


After launching my new site I told myself i'd write a blog post every couple of weeks. Well here I am almost 9 months after my last post and only just getting round to it! Apologies...

Since my last post there's a couple of new projects on the site, branding and illustrations for BBC 500 words and illustrations for bicycling magazine.

On my instagram I also recently teased my side project (tease above) that's been cooking for well over a year. I'm giving a launch date of early next year for it and I can't wait to get it out there in the world.

In other news I've now been appointed head of design, moving up from senior designer which I'm very excited about. I have a couple of projects recently (and almost) completed which i'd like to get up on the site soon.

Until another 9 months time...

15th February 20162 Comments



This year my agents Reach/Satellite Office held a valentines project and invited any of their artist roster to take part. Always one to try out something new I hopped on board.

The idea was to create a valentines themed illustration which would be sent out to one of the participants at random. I chose to flip the term 'heartbreaker' on its head by drawing the complete opposite, a little guy acting as a 'heartmaker', spreading the love around for valentines day. Literally making hearts on an assembly line, look at him go, he's very happy, he can do this all day...

I enjoy abit of character illustration and I don't do an awful lot of it. It's something i'd like to do more of.

8th January 20162 Comments

Goodbye Destill, hello StudioMH

Cast your mind back to 2006, I had decided to give myself a new online alias, 'Destill', the previous name 'xpose' just wasn't cutting it anymore. It sounded like 'expose' and gave off the wrong kind of vibe.

After just about 10 prosperous years I found myself wanting something more with how I presented myself and my work. I had also amassed a whole new body of design work which I wanted to get out into the world. After months of indecision I landed on 'StudioMH'. The MH stands for my initials. Clever I know...

The reason for the change is that I felt I had moved on from using an online alias. I had grown up and reached a time in my life and career where I wanted to present myself in a more professional way, and create and launch something towards my future goals.

An initial phase with the rebrand was to create a new logo. At the time I was a big fan of monograms and so did a bunch of exploration around combining the M and H. Before I knew it I had around 10 logo's in front of me, all of which I liked. I decided that rather than just choose and have one, i'd aim to make 25. I'm currently working on a special project to showcase them all in an interesting way, but more about that this year.

So after about 2 years with a super exciting holding page, you can now take a look around the new site and all the new work. I'm not one for shameless self promotion, but feel free to share the site with your friends / show your cat etc. Enjoy!