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The brand
What could be more iconic than the humble circle. It has it’s obvious reference to the world we live in but when taken further it becomes a highly expressive graphical device.

This was paired with a new primary typeface that was the perfect balance of modern and human yet screams with personality, which is exactly what the brand needed.

03 typography
04 palette
05b brand guidelines
TL photo 1

Secondary colour
The primary palette was intentionally stripped back, using just one accent colour. There needed to be a way of using more. The simple yet clever solution was to combine photography and a colour picked from the image in a flexible, easy to use system.

04 palette 2

What makes travel local special is that they connect you with local experts in your destination. This needed to be celebrated, given more visibility and showcased as a key USP. When paired with the secondary colour palette this further enhanced that connection.

TL photo 5

Visual language
Travellocal are able to offer truly unique, memorable moments that you only get by booking through them. There needed to be a way to capture this within the photography and the solution stemmed from the marque itself.

It evolved into a circular, dotted line as a way to highlight a particular ‘moment’ in a photo. But more than that it becomes a device that can be used for wayfinding, website elements, iconography and more.

08 VL examples
09 iconography
10 approved partner
12 TL billboard
13 TL biz cards
14 TL biz cards pattern
15 TL Booklets
16 TL letterhead
17 TL email template
TL photo 7

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